Haier Wireless makes breakthrough in kilowatt-class, low-radiation, high-efficiency and long-distance charging

2016-06-17 11:30:00

Today, the application of wireless charging technology is no longer alien to us. However, most people's focus still remains fixated on wireless charging for mobile phones. The current application experience of cellphones on the market generally requires mobile phones to be in physical contact with the wireless charger for charging, and has an efficiency about 70%. A core member of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Haier Wireless successfully applied wireless power transmission technology onto household appliances with high power for the first time. For 1000W household appliances, a wireless charging distance of 50mm is achieved, and the system efficiency can reached 85~90%. The successful breakthrough in this project indicates the end of an era in which wireless charging technology serves exclusively the mobile terminal market. Also, it lays a good foundation for Haier Wireless to lead and participate in the formulation of international KWG (Kitchen Working Group), which is dedicated to the formation of kitchen appliance wireless charging technical standards.


It is reported that Haier Wireless obtained an invention patent certificate on this technology in 2014 (Patent No.: ZL 2012 1 0095175.6). An integrated double-layer electromagnetic shielding technology is adopted for the application of wireless charging on kilowatt-class kitchen appliances, which can realize the effective shielding to the electromagnetic field. The product is in compliance with EU (European Union) EN62233:2008 and WHO (World Health Organization) recommended ICNIRP2010 levels of electromagnetic radiation. Also, the tested SAR value for thermal effect of electromagnetic radiation is only 1/500-1/1000 of that of mobile phones, which thoroughly dispels customers’ misgivings about safety of the technical product in terms of radiation.


In recent years, Haier Wireless has been dedicated to product output on this innovative technology. The application of wireless power transmission technology has been realized on mobile phones, smart tablets, notebook computers, robot cleaners, kitchen appliances and other products. Haier Wireless has successfully launched complete sets of wireless power and wireless charging products onto the market.


In 2015, Haier Wireless launched a three-piece set of wireless kitchen appliances: Wireless cooker, wireless blender and wireless power transmitter. Bid farewell to the power cableand enjoy a simple, convenient and more secure experience! Readily place electric appliances on the table top equipped with a wireless power transmitter and then you can easily use them. Also, they can be easily cleaned and stored and even can avoid potential safety hazards caused by rust/ deformation/ parts aging on the traditional wired charging socket. 

In April 2016, Haier successfully launched one type of wireless charging robot cleaner [Rover] onto the market, which succeeded in ranking first on the list of quick-selling products on Tmall and Juhuasuan. This type of wireless charging robot cleaner has not only strong cleaning capacity and accurate ultrasonic detection, but also wireless charging: 1) Charging by approaching; 2) The charging base is separated from the robot cleaner, to avoid taking charging pile away when you leave; 3) Automatic electric closing function when it is fully charged, to avoid unnecessary energy consumption; 4) Avoiding poor charging/potential safety hazard caused by rust/ deformation/part aging of exposed contacts from traditional wired charging; 5) With no exposed contacts, it is attractive and elegant and easy-to-clean.


Haier Wireless applies wireless power transmission module into refrigerators, range hoods, intelligent closestools and other large appliances (among which wireless charging application products for refrigerators and range hoods have been launched onto the market) to replace the connection line between main control board and control panel of household appliances. It resolves flexibility of door opening and closing (left and right) for refrigerators in practical use, detachability of control panel of range hoods for cleaning, as well as mobility and safety of closestools (avoiding potential safety hazards caused by plug-in type electric connection mode used in the bathroom with large environment change, high air humidity and high temperature in taking a bath)

The breakthrough in high-power and multi-purpose application of wireless power transmission technology brings new opportunities and new challenges for Haier Wireless, in addition to allowing the vast majority of users to have sound reasons to believe that the Wireless Connection Era is within reach. Haier Wireless will continue be a driving force for industry innovation. The elimination cables and wires in the kitchen will herald the advent of a smarter, more convenient, and safer era.

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